CARBIOS’ Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is a statement of its commitment to integrity and the highest ethical standards in all aspects of its activities, both within and outside the company. It is a statement of its ambitions, values, duties and principles of excellence. Designed to reinforce the company’s corporate identity and unity, it applies to all directors and all employees.

CARBIOS’ high ethical standards are dictated by the fundamental principles that must always guide the day-to-day behavior of its directors and employees, namely:

  • Compliance with all laws and regulations
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Respect for others, their dignity and their well-being

But also:

  • The rejection of any form of discrimination
  • Absolute respect for the quality of working conditions
  • The protection of the environment
  • Respect for and the protection of the property of shareholders

Team spirit is vital and must be encouraged at all times to allow CARBIOS to act, innovate and create as well as strengthen the relationships and synergies between its teams and partners. The company is careful to apply the strictest level of professional equality at every stage in the careers of its staff and to ensure everyone is given the same opportunities based on objective criteria. Impartial and transparent decisions and choices must be a constant priority.

CARBIOS’ constant quest to create value, to improve its profitability and to cement its financials are the foundations for its lasting autonomy and sustainability.

Committed to developing the lasting relationships built on trust that are so vital to its success, CARBIOS seeks to forge balanced and transparent relations with the academic world and industry alike. The strictest level of confidentiality and professional secrecy is applied in every area and at every level to safeguard the rights of its partners and the company itself.

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