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        The CARBIOS Annual General Meeting is a privileged moment for exchanges between the Company and its shareholders. It is a great opportunity for the management to comment on the highlights and the strategy implemented during the year. It also provides the opportunity for all the shareholders to participate in important decisions about CARBIOS by voting on the resolutions.

        How to participate in the Annual General Meeting:


        In accordance with Article R.225-85 of the French Commercial Code, the right to participate in the General Meeting is determined by the registration of shares in the shareholder’s name or the name of the intermediary registered for the shareholder and only validated on the third business day before the Meeting at midnight (Paris time) either in the registered share accounts held for the Company by the Company’s agent, CACEIS Corporate Trust, or in the accounts of bearer shares held by the empowered financial intermediary bank.

        The date, time and place of the General Meeting shall be communicated in advance through publications in the BALO (Bulletin des Annonces Légales et Officielles) available on the CARBIOS website. All the preparatory documents for the General Meeting can be downloaded from the CARBIOS website (meeting notices and summons, voting forms, resolutions drafts, etc.) Following the General Meeting, a report detailing the resolutions vote is released.

        If you hold registered shares, your shares must be recorded in account before the end of the third business day preceding the date of the General Meeting at midnight (Paris time).

        If you hold bearer shares, your financial intermediary (bank, financial institution, online broker, etc.), which manages the securities account in which your CARBIOS shares are held, is your sole representative. This intermediary is the only one empowered to liaise with our services. Your shares must be recorded in account before the end of the third business day preceding the date set for the General Meeting at midnight (Paris time). In order to be recorded, the participation document (or share holding attestation) must be sent by your financial intermediary to CARBIOS prior to the General Meeting.

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