CARBIOS: Transfer of the liquidity contract from Invest Securities to Gilbert Dupont

CARBIOS (NYSE Alternext in Paris: ALCRB), an innovative green chemistry company specializing in enzymatic bioprocesses applied to plastic and textile polymers, today announces the transfer of its liquidity contract previously held by Invest Securities to the company Gilbert Dupont.

Report on the end of the liquidity contract with Invest Securities:

The companies CARBIOS and Invest Securities terminated the liquidity contract agreement dated December, 13, 2013. This termination became effective on the evening of December 16, 2016.

At this date of December 16, 2016 in the evening, the following assets appeared on the liquidity account:

  • Number of shares: 15 016
  • Cash balance of the liquidity account: €38,779.55

Implementation of a new liquidity contract with Gilbert Dupont:

By contract on December 2, 2016, the company CARBIOS has entrusted the investment firm Gilbert Dupont to implement a new liquidity contract in compliance with the deontology charter of l’Association Française des Marchés Financiers (AMAFI) and approved by l’Autorité des marchés financiers. This contract shall start on the morning of December 19, 2016.

For the implementation of this liquidity contract, the following assets have been affected to the liquidity account:

  • Number of shares: 15 016
  • Cash balance of the liquidity account: €38,779.55

For the record, as of the half-year report on June 30, 2016, the following assets appeared on the liquidity account:

  • Number of shares: 11 312

Cash balance of the liquidity account: €21,467.63

About Carbios

Carbios is a green chemistry company whose innovations help address the environmental and sustainable development challenges facing manufacturers. Since its creation in 2011 by Truffle Capital, the Company has developed, through biotechnology, two industrial processes that revolutionize the biodegradation and recycling of polymers. These innovations, a world first, optimize the performance and lifecycle of plastics and textiles by exploiting the properties of highly specific enzymes.

Carbios’ economic development model is based on the industrialization and commercialization of its products and/or enzymes, technologies and bioprocesses through license concessions directly or through joint ventures to major industrial players or sectors concerned by the Company’s innovations. As such, Carbios created the joint venture Carbiolice in September 2016, in partnership with Limagrain Ingredients and the SPI fund operated by Bpifrance. This company, of which Carbios has majority control, will exploit the first technology licensed by Carbios by producing enzymatic granules for the production of biodegradable and biobased plastics.

Carbios benefits from the qualification “Innovative Company” of Bpifrance allowing the eligibility of the Company’s securities for the investment of Mutual Funds Placement in Innovation (FCPI). For more information, please visit:

Carbios is eligible for the PEA-PME, a government program allowing French residents investing in SMEs to benefit from income tax rebates.

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