CARBIOS and CARBIOLICE enter into a joint development agreement with NOVOZYMES for long-term supply of enzymes at industrial-scale

  • A collaboration to develop solutions for global plastic challenges
  • First enzyme-based solution for the end-of-life of plastics

Clermont-Ferrand, France, January 29, 2019 (06:40 AM CET)CARBIOS (Euronext Growth Paris: ALCRB) announced today the execution of a joint development agreement between the world-leading enzymes producer NOVOZYMES, CARBIOS and its subsidiary CARBIOLICE. 

Joint-Development Agreement 

Under the terms of this multi-year agreement, NOVOZYMES will upscale and produce CARBIOS’ proprietary enzymes. NOVOZYMES commits to become long-term exclusive supplier of plastics degrading enzymes to CARBIOLICE, a subsidiary to CARBIOS. This collaboration is a world premiere in the field of bioplasturgy that aims to act as a catalyst by making single use plastics environmentally-friendly and cost competitive.

Industrial roll-out

CARBIOLICE, the joint-venture created by CARBIOS, Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients and Bpifrance (the financial might of France’s sovereign wealth fund), will produce and commercialize a new generation of products enabling single-use plastics to be fully biodegradable in any environmental condition.

The range of commercial applications in target are single-use plastics for grocery and retail bags, rigid and flexible packaging, disposable tableware and agricultural mulch films. With this technology, CARBIOLICE will have the opportunity to take a leading position on the market by addressing the major environmental concern with single-use plastics, and by this prevent their widespread use from harming our environment.

CARBIOS will be entitled to receive royalty payments from CARBIOLICE as of the commercial launch, expected in 2020.  

A general commitment to preserve our planet

CARBIOS, CARBIOLICE and NOVOZYMES are today joining efforts to tackle plastics environmental impact. Together, the companies aim to provide a breakthrough solution that allows the biodegradation of single-use plastics in an eco-friendly manner that has never been achieved before. 

Jens KOLIND, VP Technical Industries at NOVOZYMES comments: “We are excited to be part of this joint collaboration where we work together on finding biological solutions to answer one of the biggest challenges of our time.

Jean-Claude LUMARET, CEO of CARBIOS adds: “The market of single-use plastics raises major environmental concerns and our sustainable and inventive approach is now opening huge opportunities to fulfil industrials and consumers demand while fighting the threat of plastic pollution. We are proud of this partnership with the world leading enzymes producer NOVOZYMES, that gives us the strength to launch at large-scale the most advanced eco-friendly solution for the biodegradation of plastics.” 

Nadia AUCLAIR, CEO of CARBIOLICE comments: “This major agreement with NOVOZYMES secures our long-term supply of enzymes to move from traditional manufacturing to sustainable solutions that meet strong market demand. Today, we are proud to make of our solution, an industrial and commercial reality.”   


CARBIOS is a green chemistry company whose innovations are designed to meet environmental and sustainable development issues faced by global industrial players. Since its creation in 2011, CARBIOS has developed two industrial bioprocesses dedicated to the biodegradation and the biorecycling of polymers. These innovations, which are a world first, optimize the performance and lifecycle of plastics and textiles by exploiting the properties of highly specific enzymes.

CARBIOS’ economic development model is based on the industrialization and commercialization of its products, enzymes, technologies, and bioprocesses via the concession of licenses, directly or via joint ventures to major industrial players in the sectors that can make use of the Company’s innovative technologies. For instance, CARBIOS created in September 2016 the joint-venture CARBIOLICE, in partnership with Limagrain Ingrédients and the SPI investment fund run by Bpifrance. This company, in which CARBIOS holds a controlling share, will market the first technology licensed by CARBIOS by producing an enzymatic additive making PLA-based plastics (films, bags, packaging) fully compostable in domestic conditions.

Since its creation, CARBIOS benefits from the financial support of the leading European venture capital firm Truffle Capital. CARBIOS was granted the label “Young Innovative Company” by Bpifrance (former OSEO) and is eligible for investments by private equity mutual funds (FCPIs).

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CARBIOS is eligible for the PEA-PME, a government program allowing French residents investing in SMEs to benefit from income tax rebates.

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